Did you know Orange High School (OHS) has a working farm on its campus where students raise all forms of livestock, exotic animals, fish, plants, and participate in other projects, such as floral design, landscaping, and gardening through Future Farmers of America (FFA)? The OHS FFA even has a traveling petting zoo! It really is quite amazing and so are the students who dedicate so much time caring for the animals, putting on demonstrations, teaching the community how to plant gardens, helping seniors in need with gardening, and more.


The Orange High School Farm is in desperate need of repairs and upgrades to keep the animals safe, students learning life lessons, and for FFA students to continue their working relationships with Orange Home Grown, Pitcher Park Foundation, City of Orange Youth Programs, Orange County Animal Control, Orange County Fair, City of Orange, and others.

You can help the Orange High School Farm and FFA. Community support is key in improving the farm.


Orange High Donation Boxes
Orange High Donation Boxes


We thank you in advance for your support! Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be used for OHS FFA and Farm Improvements, such as livestock fencing, upgraded security, and more.

Please make out your tax deductible donation to Orange High FFA and send to:


655 North Hariton Street

Orange, CA 92868

Checks must be made out to Orange High FFA and receipts will be mailed to you upon receiving your donation. If your donation includes goods or services, please contact us.

Donations bins are also located the following businesses in Old Towne Orange: A&P Collectibles, The Pizza Press, and Paris in a Cup.

Once we collect donations, we plan on having a community day at the Orange High School Farm to build the improvements. We hope you will be able to join us!

Let’s continue to provide the opportunity for young students to find out how far they can go, to interact with the community, and to learn responsibility and commitment at the OHS Farm!


Support Local Orange Businesses

Local businesses play a vital role in creating jobs and growth in Orange’s economy.  As our city continues to grow and expand, our community needs places to shop for goods and services, entertainment, dining, and of course places to drink coffee!  When consumers spend money locally, they are essentially giving money back to their local community.  As more people visit the local businesses, the business will grow in terms of revenue and number of employees.  This growth will generate higher levels of revenue, which means that the business will pay more tax.  Also, the employer will add employees as the business grows and pays more in payroll tax.  The employees of the business probably eat locally, use local gas stations, and make other contributions to the local economy.  The taxes generated are used for local purposes, such as public safety, schools, and infrastructure improvements.

Old Towne Orange has become a destination, similar to Main Beach in Laguna Beach, State Street in Santa Barbara, or Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena.    People from all over the region come to our historic town to experience the charm we have all come to love and respect and shop at our unique collection of merchants.

Respect Orange supports local business in OTO and wants to local businesses to thrive.

Will Chapman University’s Acquisition Solve Problems?

At December’s City Council Meeting, our elected leaders voted unanimously to approve the sale of a $6.5 million surplus property to Chapman University.  The plan for the property is student housing.  Respect Orange supports this transaction because it is a step in our recommendation of 90% of the student population in Chapman owned housing.  However, we are cautiously optimistic about the impacts due to the proximity of the educational campus.


The uniqueness of this property is that it is outside of Old Town Orange – way outside of Old Towne  and about 3 miles to the West.  The property, located Panther Village adjacent, allows The University very little restriction in regards to building limits, specially height restrictions.  This means that more students can be housed at this location because The University can develop vertically (think apartment tower).  But will this solve the problems and negative impacts Chapman University expansion has had on Old Towne Orange?  Will students want to move out of the Old Towne neighborhood, where they can walk/bike to the educational campus in exchange for a commute either by car or by bus?  Parking and vehicle congestion is already a major issue in Old Towne, will more cars be driving into Old Towne and does CU have the parking infrastructure to support this?


Respect Orange supports the land purchase and supports the students at Chapman University.  We want to ensure the student’s college campus experience is not compromised.  We hope that Chapman University can have the infrastructure and, more importantly, the amenities students want to create the perfect college experience.  Reach more about the Panther Village experiences here and here.

Chapman University Produced Flyer For Off-Campus Students

The Chapman University produced Flyer for off-campus students can be found here.


Tomorrow marks the first day of instruction for Chapman University students and Respect Oranges wishes the students all the best in their upcoming school year.  With many CU students living off, Chapman University has produced a flyer for off-campus students.  The CU produced flyer can be found here and will be mailed with the Respect Orange flyer.  The Respect Orange flyer can be found here.  


The CU produced flyer talks about Breach of Peace Policy, Tips to avoid fines and sanctions, Policy violations, and helpful suggestions to be a good neighbor.  Definitely check it out and have the information that your Chapman student neighbor has.


Chapman University is also hosting Good Neighbor classes throughout the academic year for students.  The purpose of this class is to familiarize students with University and City policies and offer tips on how to build relationships with residents and homeowners.

Killefer Square Staff Report

The City of Orange Staff Report on this project can be found here.

The developers behind the Killefer Square project recently went before the Design Review Committee (DRC) to receive preliminary feedback on the project.  Here are some helpful excepts from the staff report, which can be found here.

  1. … the proposed project was not in conformance with the Secretary’s Standards and that the project was a potentially significant impact to the historical resource that could not be mitigated to a less than significant level.”

  2. Important historic spaces and spatial relationships, including the courtyard, interior classroom spaces, and the view of the property from N. Lemon Street, would be significantly altered by the new construction.

  3. The changes to the historic building, along with the size, scale, proportion and massing of the new buildings is not compatible with the historic property or the Old Towne Historic District across the street on N. Lemon.
  4.  The new construction alters the historic character of the property.

There will be more information sessions hosted by the developer.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions and see project models.

Additionally, information opposing the project can be found here at the Old Towne Preservation Association’s (OTPA) website.


Respect Orange wants to inform the community of a private student housing community being proposed at the site of the former Killefer School, which is walking distance to Chapman University.   Respect Orange encourages the community to find out more information on the project so the community can formulate its own thoughts, opinions, and feelings about the project.

New CU President Wants To Add 2000-3000 Students

August 09, 2016 – Soon to be Chapman University President, Daniele Struppa who is replacing Jim Doti, sat down with Rick Reiff from Inside OC.  See the video clip below.

Respect Orange believes Chapman University is an above average educational institution with below average student amenities.  High quality schools such as Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford have more than 90% of their student population living on campus where students have the opportunity to share ideas, work together, and have quality bonding experiences. Respect Orange wants the same for the current Chapman University student population and Respect Orange fully supports the current students that attend Chapman University in their educational endeavors.

Respect Orange supports the growth of Chapman University as long as The University develops and offers on-campus dormitory space for 90% of its existing students and all future enrolled students for each academic year(to match these top tier schools), whether this number is 10,000 students or the 34,000 students at George Mason University, where Dr. Struppa was formerly employed.

Community Coffee – Killefer School Project

Chapman University has been a part of Orange since 1954 and continues to be a renowned institution and a source of pride for our city.

As Chapman University has grown over the years many Orange neighborhoods that were established as low-density single family residents have seen the increase of community-based Chapman student houses. Many local neighborhoods have experienced residential properties that once housed a small family with two vehicles change to housing for multiple students with multiple vehicles.  This is very difficult for neighborhoods to support and the single family residences consisting of Chapman students has severely impacted the population density, traffic, parking, noise, disruptive behavior, etc.  The insufficient supply of dedicated student housing at Chapman University is a problem that continues to impact the community and this renowned institution.

Respect Orange wants to inform the community of a private student housing community being proposed at the site of the former Killefer School, which is walking distance to Chapman University.   Respect Orange encourages the community to find out more information on the project so the community can formulate its own thoughts, opinions, and feelings about the project.

The Killefer Square project is proposing 350 beds in a gated community that includes underground parking and around the clock onsite security staff and video monitoring.

While Respect Orange is looking forward to learning more about the proposed project and developing our own opinions on the project, the organization strongly believes it has a duty in  distributing information so the community can formulate its own views.  The Killefer Square project applicants will be holding two neighborhood meetings in August where the community can view details of the project, ask questions about the project, and gather additional information.   Complimentary coffee and donuts will be served at these community events, found here.

Community Coffee #1: Saturday, August 13 at Yorba Middle School from 9am-10am.  Event Details can be found here.  

Community Coffee #2: Saturday, August 20 at Pitcher Park from 9am-10am. Event Details can be found here.  


To read a previous post on this project, click here

Welcome to the Neighborhood


Chapman University’s Fall semester is about to begin and students will arrive back to our wonderful city.  RespectOrange would like to take this opportunity to welcome students back to Orange and share some helpful hints for residents and homeowners to get to know your potential student neighbor and help them integrate into the family neighborhood.

RespectOrange believes college is the chance to find out how far you can go, to see what your potentials are, and to discover how much you can accomplish — and all the time having the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing it on your own.  For many students, this is the first time away from home or the first time living in a family neighborhood with peers.

RespectOrange always tries to have the best interest and safety for our Chapman University neighbors in mind while they plan for their future and RespectOrange wants to do everything we can to help individual students succeed. This is the reason why RespectOrange has created a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” flyer that can be found by clicking here.  We highly recommend printing the flyer, writing your name and contact information on it, and giving it to your student neighbor in case they need to contact you.

The intent of this flyer is for residents to meet their student neighbor and to pass along information that can be used throughout the school year to be a good neighbor.  By establishing neighbor communication and passing along helpful hints, residents and students can work together to keep our community wonderful.




If you suspect a boarding house and don’t feel comfortable contacting the City of Orange or want to remain anonymous, fill out the form below and Respect Orange will submit the information on your behalf.

A boarding house is a residence or dwelling, other than a hotel, wherein three or more rooms are rented under three or more separate written or oral rental agreements, leases or subleases or combination thereof, whether or not the owner, agent or rental manager resides within the residence. Communal Housing is for nonfamily groups with common kitchen and dining facilities but without medical, psychiatric or other care including boardinghouses, lodging houses, dormitories, fraternity/sorority houses, communes, and religious homes (O.M.C. 17.04.021)