Get Gear, Raise Money for OHS FFA

Friends, Neighbors, and the Respect Orange Community:

We can all agree and unite as a community (Orange residents, Chapman University students, and Chapman University administration) that the Tim the Turkey situation is extremely unfortunate, to say the least.

Ms. Patti Williams, the Agriculture and FFA instructor at OHS has turned her focus on caring for her dedicated, responsible, and compassionate students who come in before and after school to feed, clean, exercise, groom, care for, and love the FFA animals.

As a community, Respect Orange thinks we should do the same and wants to help raise money for the OHS program and to start building bridges between Orange residents (animals included), Chapman University, and Chapman administration.

We invite you to participate in helping Orange High School’s agriculture and Future Farmers of America program by purchasing a t-shirt, tote bag, or vinyl sticker for your car window.  You can place orders starting today, here.  This will not only help Orange High School’s program, but it will show bridges being built with the Chapman community. 

Respect Orange believes that if people with a difference of opinion can see the other person has a commonality (shirt, bag, or sticker) then these people may have a conversation about our wonderful community of Orange and everything it has to offer.

As always, non-vinyl stickers are FREE while supplies last.

Respect Orange is hoping to have merchandise completed in time for Orange High School’s Farm Fest, where the community can interact with the FFA program and the animals.  This event is on Saturday, May 7.  Please come and support our friends at Orange High School!

Visit the Respect Orange Gear store to place orders and raise money for Orange High!

Orange is Being Treated Like Tim the Turkey

Being a team captain is quite an honor and means much more than just stitching a “C” onto one’s jersey. It means one’s coach, team, and school sees the captain as a good leader, a team player, and someone who the rest of the team can look up to, RESPECT and admire.

On April 18, two Chapman University students and Chapman Men’s Lacrosse players were arrested for alleged actions that were not RESPECTful toward Tim the Turkey, students at Orange High School, and the Orange, CA community. One of these Chapman University students was the team captain, while the other was a team leader.

According to sources online, Steven Koressel is a 6’2, 200 lbs Chapman University Senior originally from Huntington Beach, CA. Koressel is one of the team’s captains whose favorite aspect of playing lacrosse is “the contact”. He is studying business administration.

According to online sources, Richard Brenton “Brent” Melbye is a 5’11, 170 lbs Chapman University Junior who is from Encinitas, CA. According to Chapman University lacrosse coach Dallas Hartley, “He is one of our best ground ball players …”

Respect Orange: Chapman University

Koressel and Melbye were arrested by the Orange Police Department in the incident in which Tim the Turkey was abducted from Orange High School. Tim had a black, sticky substance on him and was missing several chest feathers. He also had bruises, chest swelling, trouble breathing, abrasions to his face, head and chest, a broken toe and part of his tail was missing.

Tim’s “condition is declining at best. His chest and air sacs are compromised”, says his caretaker.

If these allegations are true, the community should not admire these Chapman University lacrosse leaders but rather view them as the criminals they are. Student actions such as these reinforce the need for institutional control at Chapman University. It reinforces the sentiment that the proper infrastructure needs to be put into place by Chapman University to mitigate Chapman University’s impact to the largest historic district in California, Old Towne Orange.  Most importantly, student actions such as these reinforces the disconnect between the quality of college experience that Chapman students are seeking versus the quantity of students Chapman executives want for increased revenues.

Talking with many students the past few weeks, Respect Orange has learned that students want Chapman University to make it more attractive to be and to live on-campus, to provide more housing on campus (including a Greek Row), and to provide activities on-campus that unite the students. Rather many students feel that Chapman University encourages students to live off-campus and that Chapman officials only listen to student suggestions when their suggestions fit into Chapman’s narrative and plan.  These RESPECTful students want University officials to concentrate on the experience of current students rather than dilute what the current students are holding onto by adding more students.

As Chapman University Executives and Board of Trustees are the “team captains” of Chapman University, the community expects them to good leaders, team players who the rest of the team can look up to and admire.  Unfortunately, Chapman University has been no better than Koressel and Melbye with the decisions and actions it has taken.

Many of the residents of Orange are tired of Chapman University treating our City similar to how Koressel and Melbye (allegedly) treated Tim the Turkey.  We feel Orange has the bruises, abrasions and has been plucked of one of our most defining characteristics, RESPECT.

Let’s Help “Tim the Turkey”


An Orange Resident was woken up at 5:30am by Tim the Turkey who was in the backyard of a neighbor at an undisclosed residence.  Below is the photo the resident took.





Respect Orange Community,


I recently learned that Orange High School has a farm that includes steers, sheep, chicken, pigs, and a complete petting zoo that travels the city, is used for educational purposes, and helps the Future Farmers of America (FFA).  On Saturday night “Tim the Turkey”, who has been a long time resident at the farm, went missing.  He has since been found with dried beer on him, his feet damaged, and his tail plump pulled out.  Additionally, Tim had a black tar-like substance on him and was missing several chest feathers.  The full OC Register article can be found here. 

I have been in communication with Ms. Patti Williams multiple times today, who is the agriculture teacher in charge of the animals.  Ms. Williams has assured me that generally speaking Tim is okay and VERY well cared for.  Usually his life is GREAT! He and his pal Jake, as all the animals at the farm, are well cared for, fed the best feed possible and loved by the high school students and thousands of fans across the county.  She has a local veterinarian coming by today to examine Tim.

While Respect Orange will focus its energies on helping Tim the Turkey until OPD can do their diligence, I would like feedback and suggestions from you on how we can help “Tim the Turkey”, Ms. Williams, and Orange High School.

What suggestions do you have that can show them they have the support of Respect Orange?

Send your suggestions to:


Respect Orange Update

Neighbors, Friends, and the Respect Orange Community:


We should all be very proud of what we did and how the City Council voted unanimously to pass the First Reading of Ordinance 03-16.A at Tuesday’s Council Meeting.  There were a lot of people wearing Respect Orange stickers on their shirts as we spoke and sat in front of our elected leaders and community members.  We should all be very proud.

Respect Orange


Some highlights from Tuesday’s meeting:


– The CU students who spoke did a great job.


– Ordinance 03-16.A is the first step of many that Respect Orange and the community plans on addressing to bring change.  The second reading and potential adoption of this ordinance is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, May 10.


– Each elected City Council member addressed the “Respect” theme after public comment and before the council vote.  This reinforces that we are on the right path and really on to something big!



Respect Orange Updates:


I was invited by Chapman University Student Neighborhood Relations Committee (comprised exclusively of CU students) to engage in an open discussion on campus with student leaders on Friday, April 15.  These students represent Student Government, Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, Residence Life, Student Athletes, Civic Engagement, etc.  It was a very productive meeting and many of the students want the university to make it attractive for students to live on campus.  A few suggestions from CU students included: having Chapman Public Safety and Resident Advisors (RAs) relax on-campus policing which they think are pushing students off-campus, the addition of a venue for parties on campus that could be loosely monitored by the university and would allow students to hold parties without inconveniencing their neighbors, a campus pub, Greek Row, and educating incoming students on proper behavior. The CU student paper, The Panther ran an article about the Chapman University Student Neighborhood Relations Committee.  It can be found here.  


In the coming weeks Respect Orange should be brining in a student advisor liaison into the executive board.  While this position is still being created and details are not finalized with the Chapman student, Respect Orange has identified and communicated with the current underclassman.  This student leader will be able to act as a voice for Respect Orange with other student leaders and University organizations and give Respect Orange feedback on how Respect Orange can help CU students achieve their on-campus activities and other common goals.  The student has already contributed great ideas to Respect Orange.  More about this at a later date.
Enjoy your Sunday and don’t forget to check out the car show happening in The Plaza today.

Show Your Support for City Council and The Party Ordinance

What: Orange City Council Meeting

Where: 300 East Chapman Ave

When: Tuesday, April 12, 2016 6:00 pm

The City Council is scheduled to cast their final vote on the Party Ordinance.  In addition to filling all of the seats, please vocalize your support to the City Council.  Let them know they are doing a good job and you support the passing of the ordinance.

Use this link to download the Party Ordinance Flyer.  Print one for your neighbor to the left and print another for your neigh to the right.

Orange Resident’s City Council Public Comment

On Tuesday, February 9 an Orange Resident gave the public comment below:

Good Evening,

My name is Adam. My wife and I are in our early thirties, are homeowners in Old Towne who are wanting to start a family, and are asking ourselves WHY WOULD WE EVER WANT TO RAISE A FAMILY IN THE CITY OF ORANGE?

My wife and I strongly believe in raising our children in a loving, nurturing, peaceful environment where our children have the ability to grow, learn, and flourish in life and in the community. Old Towne Orange is not the community to raise children, rather Old Towne Orange is a community that is littered with beer bottles and loud music. A community where you have couches sitting in the front yard while you can play beer pong in front of your house. A community where you can pull your pants down in the middle of the day exposing yourself and urinate in the front yard just a few feet away from the bedrooms of school aged girls. These are just a few of the activities my neighbors and I have witnessed in the past 10 days, not in the past few months or years. Who would want to live in an environment like this, let alone raise a family?

Since purchasing our home in 2011, my wife and I have happily spent tens of thousands of dollars in renovations. What we are not happy about is the Chapman “mini dorms” that have popped up since our purchase. 1/2 of the homes on our street are occupied with students, with most homes having more students than bedrooms.

The City of Orange needs residents like my wife and me more than we need the City of Orange. Young couples like us do not live on a fixed income such as retirement or Social Security. We have the high paying jobs and the disposable income to drive the local economy. Most importantly we have the vested interest to make the community better for ourselves, our kids, and those around us because theoretically we should be in the community for decades.

In reality, the City of Orange is becoming a place that can’t compete with neighboring cities and communities. The schools in the City of Orange are in terrible shape and will only get worse with the increase of college students in the community and the decrease of family-occupied homes.

Family-Occupied Homes bring stability to neighborhoods.

Real Estate is one of the most studied asset classes and data has consistently shown the importance of homeownership on the economy and community. Aside from the tangible financial benefits, homeownership brings substantial social benefits for families, communities, and school districts. Homeowners move far less frequently than renters, and thus are embedded into the same neighborhood and community for a longer period. Homeownership boosts the educational performance of children, induces higher participation in civic and volunteering activity, and improves health. Equally important, it lowers crime rates. In other words, Chapman “mini dorms” decrease the quality of life.

I wanted to remind The Council that social cohesion are paths through which social control is made.

Policies to decrease the transient college population can raise positive social outcomes, increase support for our schools, and make the area much more attractive to young families who have the resources to drive the economy and future of this city. I strongly encourage The Council to take decisive, vigorous action on the possible solutions presented later tonight to ensure The City of Orange stays relevant and competitive for years to come and does not experience attrition of people like me and families like mine.

KFI AM 640’s Take On Chapman University Students

On Friday, February 26 KFI AM 640’s Gary Hoffman and Shannon Farren made their thoughts clear about Chapman University students, student behavior, homeowner’s property rights, and the legislation the Orange City Council is reviewing.  Listen to the segment using the media player above.

You can listen to Gary and Shannon from 10am-2pm Monday through Friday on AM640.