Chapman University Produced Flyer For Off-Campus Students

The Chapman University produced Flyer for off-campus students can be found here.


Tomorrow marks the first day of instruction for Chapman University students and Respect Oranges wishes the students all the best in their upcoming school year.  With many CU students living off, Chapman University has produced a flyer for off-campus students.  The CU produced flyer can be found here and will be mailed with the Respect Orange flyer.  The Respect Orange flyer can be found here.  


The CU produced flyer talks about Breach of Peace Policy, Tips to avoid fines and sanctions, Policy violations, and helpful suggestions to be a good neighbor.  Definitely check it out and have the information that your Chapman student neighbor has.


Chapman University is also hosting Good Neighbor classes throughout the academic year for students.  The purpose of this class is to familiarize students with University and City policies and offer tips on how to build relationships with residents and homeowners.

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