Chapman University has partnered with Tomorrow’s Leadership Collaborative (TLC), a 4 month old entity, wanting to bring an estimated 772 additional students to an area adjacent to Old Towne Orange and roughly 1/2 mile from the CU campus (1130 E Walnut Ave, Orange, CA 92867).  Chapman “is committed to being an active partner” in this endeavor and this will create thousands of new car trips per day in an area that was not designed for such a purpose.  In typical  Chapman University fashion, CU has not informed the greater community nor asked for the community’s input.

The partnership, to form a charter school, has been planned in secret for the most part.  The Orange Unified School District (OUSD) DENIED the charter earlier this year, but now CU/TLC is going to the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) to bypass the local community and local decision makers.  Basically CU’s feelings were hurt they didn’t get their way.  If OCDE approves CU/TLC our local school district and community will have no say in this new school or its impacts.

Proposed Leadership:

The proposed leadership includes Dr. Megan Cosier, a professor at CU, and Don Thompson, whose family’s name is associated with The Thompson Policy Institute at Chapman University.  The proposed leadership has no experience leading a school.  The out of town CU/TLC leaders, based in San Clemente, claim to be local who understand our local community and local issues.  When was a 40 mile distance considered local?


RESPECT ORANGE supports education and supports Unity Middle College Charter School, which is run by OUSD and the local community. Respect Orange supports OUSD working with Unity to provide space on a district site that would support their work.  More importantly by supporting Unity Middle College Charter School, the money will stay with OUSD rather than CU/TLC having the discretion to use  public tax payer money for things not related to student education.

Attend the OC Department of Education March 14, 2018 Meeting at 10am (200 Kalmus Drive Costa Mesa) where the CU/TLC proposal will be decided.  Take three minutes to speak out against the CU backed plan to jam more students into Old Towne Orange.

Attend Orange City Council Meeting March 13, 2018 at 6pm at our City Hall.  Take three minute to share with our elected leaders that you support Unity Middle College Charter School and are AGAINST CU/TLC.

Email OC Board of Education at

Call OC Board of Education at 714-966-4012

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