Community Coffee – Killefer School Project

Chapman University has been a part of Orange since 1954 and continues to be a renowned institution and a source of pride for our city.

As Chapman University has grown over the years many Orange neighborhoods that were established as low-density single family residents have seen the increase of community-based Chapman student houses. Many local neighborhoods have experienced residential properties that once housed a small family with two vehicles change to housing for multiple students with multiple vehicles.  This is very difficult for neighborhoods to support and the single family residences consisting of Chapman students has severely impacted the population density, traffic, parking, noise, disruptive behavior, etc.  The insufficient supply of dedicated student housing at Chapman University is a problem that continues to impact the community and this renowned institution.

Respect Orange wants to inform the community of a private student housing community being proposed at the site of the former Killefer School, which is walking distance to Chapman University.   Respect Orange encourages the community to find out more information on the project so the community can formulate its own thoughts, opinions, and feelings about the project.

The Killefer Square project is proposing 350 beds in a gated community that includes underground parking and around the clock onsite security staff and video monitoring.

While Respect Orange is looking forward to learning more about the proposed project and developing our own opinions on the project, the organization strongly believes it has a duty in  distributing information so the community can formulate its own views.  The Killefer Square project applicants will be holding two neighborhood meetings in August where the community can view details of the project, ask questions about the project, and gather additional information.   Complimentary coffee and donuts will be served at these community events, found here.

Community Coffee #1: Saturday, August 13 at Yorba Middle School from 9am-10am.  Event Details can be found here.  

Community Coffee #2: Saturday, August 20 at Pitcher Park from 9am-10am. Event Details can be found here.  


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