Help Save Orange Schools, Pack the City Council Meeting!

Friends, Neighbors, and Community Members:

I wanted to spend a few minutes this morning and give you some important information that could negatively impact our community and our school children.
Our community needs your help to ensure your tax dollars stay under local control, not given to a private entity, and our local schools continue to be award winning.  This Respect Orange informational packet will give you additional information on this very important issue.
Chapman University has partnered with Tomorrow’s Leadership Collaborative (CLICK HERE), a 5 month old entity based out of a private residence in San Clemente, wanting to bring a proposed 772 additional students to an area adjacent to Old Towne Orange.
The projected enrollment of 772 TK-8 grade students means pick-ups and drop-offs in our community requiring over 1000 car trips a day into our neighborhoods.  There is current no local infrastructure capable of handling a school of this size.  
More importantly, this proposed charter school is not managed or operated by OUSD.  This means that money ($6-8 million) has to be pulled out of OUSD and given to CU/TLC.  Our local schools need more money and educational opportunities, not less!  Our community recently passed bonds to fund school improvements and The $288 million Bond Measure S is meant to improve opportunities for our students.  The CU/TLC charter takes money and opportunities away from our students.
CU/TLC has already been denied by the OUSD School Board and the fate of this school now lies in the hands of the Orange County Board of Education. If they approve this Charter there will be no local control, or say, in how or where this school might operate. The opportunity to commingle public dollars meant to support our local students could readily help fund the expenses of Chapman University School of Education.  We don’t need CU/TLC taking $6-8 million dollars from OUSD and local tax payers.
Our City Council and staff is in a position to help, but they need to be made aware of the issue.  We need YOU AND YOUR NEIGHBORS TO ATTEND THE NEXT CITY COUNCIL MEETING TO SHOW YOU ARE AGAINST THIS PROPOSAL.  The meeting is one week from today; Tuesday March 13 at 6pm (300 East Chapman Ave).  We will be passing out Respect Orange Stickers to wear to visually show our city council the community is against this proposal and CU/TLC should respect the community and its tax dollars.  There will be a few speakers lined up and feel free to speak if you wish.  You can contact me directly if you need more information or would like to get further involved.
The Orange County Board of Education (OCBE) meeting and decision is taking place on Wednesday, March 14 at 10am.  If you are unable to make the OCBE, then call and email them to express your concerns.  Their phone number is 714-966-4012 and email is ocbe@ocde.usYou can use this document as an email template (email addresses are at the top of the document and the word document will download automatically).
You can make a difference!


Adam Duberstein

Co-Founder, Respect Orange

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