Help Wanted

Respect Orange is looking for one or two people who have the poise, networking, and time to help formulate an actionable plan where the Orange community can engage our city leaders on code enforcement, specifically the “mini dorms” that have popped up in Orange neighborhoods.  The collateral damage of the “mini dorms” include, but are not limited to: increase population density, added noise, residential parking issues, etc.  Respect Orange believes the energy directed at “mini dorm” should not be directed at Chapman University, but rather we need to look to our city leaders on how to better enforce the current codes.

Respect Orange believes in individual property rights and does not fault Chapman University for the actions of private individuals and businesses buying homes and converting them into “mini dorms”.   While this action changes the make up and consistency of the neighborhood, our city leaders should educate these owners of the laws and safety statues to ensure these measures do not occur.

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