Parking and Traffic

Local businesses play a vital role in creating jobs and growth in Orange’s economy.  As our city continues to grow and expand, our community needs places to shop for goods and services, entertainment, dining, and of course places to drink coffee!  When consumers spend money locally, they are essentially giving money back to their local community.  As more people visit the local businesses, the business will grow in terms of revenue and number of employees.  This growth will generate higher levels of revenue, which means that the business will pay more tax.  Also, the employer will add employees as the business grows and pays more in payroll tax.  The employees of the business probably eat locally, use local gas stations, and make other contributions to the local economy.  The taxes generated are used for local purposes, such as public safety, schools, and infrastructure improvements.


Old Towne Orange has become a destination, similar to Main Beach in Laguna Beach, State Street in Santa Barbara, or Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena.    People from all over the region come to our historic town to experience the charm we have all come to love and respect and shop at our unique collection of merchants.


Respect Orange supports local business in OTO and wants to local businesses to thrive.  OTO has seen a massive transformation in businesses over the past decade and changes are continuing to happen.  Urth Caffe will be opening soon and most likely build outs will start occurring for restaurants in the former Swift and Swift building and the COBA beauty school.


Parking is already such a big issue in OTO, where are these patrons going to park for the new businesses and existing businesses that are here?  Is the lack of parking in OTO creating a limit to the amount of business our local merchants can conduct?  Will business growth/tax revenue (and thus our local economy) suffer as a result?


The intent of parking standards is to provide adequate off-street parking for all uses, to prevent undue congestion, and to have the proper infrastructure to support the customers of local merchants.  Different business types require different parking needs.  The needs of a hotel are a lot different than the needs of a church, which are a lot different that the needs of a restaurant.


Respect Orange has researched that the Old Towne Orange Plaza is roughly 1400 parking spaces short to meet the demand and parking standards of the area and different types of business.  We have all, at one time or another, felt the impact of the lack of parking in OTO and Respect Orange is working with local residents and businesses to find solutions to continue to make OTO flourish and local business growing.