New CU President Wants To Add 2000-3000 Students

August 09, 2016 – Soon to be Chapman University President, Daniele Struppa who is replacing Jim Doti, sat down with Rick Reiff from Inside OC.  See the video clip below.

Respect Orange believes Chapman University is an above average educational institution with below average student amenities.  High quality schools such as Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford have more than 90% of their student population living on campus where students have the opportunity to share ideas, work together, and have quality bonding experiences. Respect Orange wants the same for the current Chapman University student population and Respect Orange fully supports the current students that attend Chapman University in their educational endeavors.

Respect Orange supports the growth of Chapman University as long as The University develops and offers on-campus dormitory space for 90% of its existing students and all future enrolled students for each academic year(to match these top tier schools), whether this number is 10,000 students or the 34,000 students at George Mason University, where Dr. Struppa was formerly employed.

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