RESPECT ORANGE is pleased to announce OHS FARM IMPROVEMENT COMMUNITY DAY!  Through the incredible donations of individuals and local businesses, enough money has been raised to repair and upgrade the OHS Farm to keep the animals safe, students learning, and the community educated.

Please join your neighbors in lending a helping hand to improve our community , show your support for OHS FFA, and meet some of the animals.

Community volunteers will be needed for the following improvement projects (there will be a project lead directing each project):

  1. Removal and installation of roughly 800 ft of fencing,
  2. Power wash the animal pens to prepare them for the addition of new animals,
  3. Weed and clean out the raised garden beds,
  4. General tidying up and organization.

As the OHS Farm has limited tools, we are encouraging you to bring your own.  Helpful suggestions may include:

  • gloves and protective eye gear
  • sledge hammers
  • wire snips (for removal of old fence)
  • bolt cutters (for removal of old fence)
  • shovels
  • rakes
  • wheel barrow
  • power drills
  • sun screen
  • water
  • a good attitude!

Let us know you’re coming!  Send an email to volunteer@respectorange.org so we know how to best plan.

The OHS FFA Farm is located at the intersection of East Walnut Avenue and North Harwood Street with the Farm parking lot at the end of North Harwood (enter campus).  Respect Orange will provide free tee-shirts, window decals, and stickers while supplies last.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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