Orange is Being Treated Like Tim the Turkey

Being a team captain is quite an honor and means much more than just stitching a “C” onto one’s jersey. It means one’s coach, team, and school sees the captain as a good leader, a team player, and someone who the rest of the team can look up to, RESPECT and admire.

On April 18, two Chapman University students and Chapman Men’s Lacrosse players were arrested for alleged actions that were not RESPECTful toward Tim the Turkey, students at Orange High School, and the Orange, CA community. One of these Chapman University students was the team captain, while the other was a team leader.

According to sources online, Steven Koressel is a 6’2, 200 lbs Chapman University Senior originally from Huntington Beach, CA. Koressel is one of the team’s captains whose favorite aspect of playing lacrosse is “the contact”. He is studying business administration.

According to online sources, Richard Brenton “Brent” Melbye is a 5’11, 170 lbs Chapman University Junior who is from Encinitas, CA. According to Chapman University lacrosse coach Dallas Hartley, “He is one of our best ground ball players …”

Respect Orange: Chapman University

Koressel and Melbye were arrested by the Orange Police Department in the incident in which Tim the Turkey was abducted from Orange High School. Tim had a black, sticky substance on him and was missing several chest feathers. He also had bruises, chest swelling, trouble breathing, abrasions to his face, head and chest, a broken toe and part of his tail was missing.

Tim’s “condition is declining at best. His chest and air sacs are compromised”, says his caretaker.

If these allegations are true, the community should not admire these Chapman University lacrosse leaders but rather view them as the criminals they are. Student actions such as these reinforce the need for institutional control at Chapman University. It reinforces the sentiment that the proper infrastructure needs to be put into place by Chapman University to mitigate Chapman University’s impact to the largest historic district in California, Old Towne Orange.  Most importantly, student actions such as these reinforces the disconnect between the quality of college experience that Chapman students are seeking versus the quantity of students Chapman executives want for increased revenues.

Talking with many students the past few weeks, Respect Orange has learned that students want Chapman University to make it more attractive to be and to live on-campus, to provide more housing on campus (including a Greek Row), and to provide activities on-campus that unite the students. Rather many students feel that Chapman University encourages students to live off-campus and that Chapman officials only listen to student suggestions when their suggestions fit into Chapman’s narrative and plan.  These RESPECTful students want University officials to concentrate on the experience of current students rather than dilute what the current students are holding onto by adding more students.

As Chapman University Executives and Board of Trustees are the “team captains” of Chapman University, the community expects them to good leaders, team players who the rest of the team can look up to and admire.  Unfortunately, Chapman University has been no better than Koressel and Melbye with the decisions and actions it has taken.

Many of the residents of Orange are tired of Chapman University treating our City similar to how Koressel and Melbye (allegedly) treated Tim the Turkey.  We feel Orange has the bruises, abrasions and has been plucked of one of our most defining characteristics, RESPECT.

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