Tim the Turkey and Respect Orange Update

Friends, Neighbors, and the Respect Orange Community:

We wanted to give a quick update this morning about four topics: Tim the Turkey, City Ordinance 03-16.A (the Party Ordinance), Chapman University, and Respect Orange Gear


  1. Tim the Turkey

Respect Orange has been in regular communication with the caregiver for Tim the Turkey and the OHS FFA animals.  While Tim is still not out of the woods yet, he is steadily improving and is getting stronger and getting back to daily life.  Because of his strength and improvement, Tim has stopped taking his medication and has been spending more time out in the pasture with the other animals.  Tim has been “talking”, which is a good thing and Tim has been especially excited to spend more time with his buddy Bonkers, the Donkey, that is pictured in the photo.  Respect Orange wishes Tim a healthy recovery and will keep everyone updated as he continues to make progress.


2. City Ordinance 03-16.A (The Party Ordinance)

The second and potential final vote for The Party Ordinance was suppose to take place last Tuesday, May 10.  However, the vote was taken off of the agenda at the last minute.  While this made for interesting conspiracy theories, two high level city officials have confirmed the issue was with public notice, specifically publishing information to the public about the issue.  If the vote went forward without the proper publishing, then the issue could be challenged in court.  The second and final vote is scheduled to be on June’s agenda for the June 14 Council Meeting.


3. Chapman University

Respect Orange sat down with incoming SGA President Annabell Liao on Friday.  This was a great meeting and there were many topics discussed.  SGA is in really good hands with Ms. Liao and we have started laying the ground work for the 2016-2017 school year together.  Ms. Liao is on the same page as Respect Orange – building bridges between the community and Chapman students.  She understands there are issues and wants to address them together to improve quality of life, quality of her degree, and to leave our community in a better place than when she started at Chapman.  You may see Annabell around Old Towne this summer in her new Respect Orange t-shirt.  Don’t forget to say “Hi” to her!

Outgoing SGA President Josh Nudelman is scheduled to graduate this weekend and we want to wish him the best as he moves to Washington, DC to work on Capitol Hill.  As Respect Orange has worked closely with Josh the past few months, we know that he will do amazing things in his professional career.  We just hope Josh comes back to Orange from time to time to keep us updated.

Tonight, May 18, is the semi-annual Undie Run.  This is a non-sanctioned University event that will occur around 11:45pm.  While there have been some issues in previous years with this unofficial event, we are expecting CU students to Respect Orange, Respect The Plaza, and Respect our Fountain.  It is our hope that CU students donate the clothes they strip off, as was originally intended by the Undie Run founders.

This weekend is graduation weekend at CU and there will be a lot more people walking around Old Towne.  On Friday, May 20 there will be a fireworks show around 8:15pm.  It may be a good idea to keep your animals inside so they don’t get spooked.


4. Respect Orange Gear

We have completely sold out of Respect Orange Totes and a few of the Respect Orange t-shirt sizes. We are getting ready to print another run of Respect Orange Gear, so if you don’t have yours yet, order today!

Respect Orange Shirt Tote Combo





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