Big Thanks To The Community!

Respect Orange accomplished their goal of bringing the topic of this charter school to the attention of the city council and our community.  While we recognized our City Council did not have jurisdiction over education matters such as in the case of this issue, our request for individual Orange city leaders to contact OCDE/OCBE about the negative impacts to the community was met with the community’s turnout at the council meeting.  Respect Orange thanks each of the dozens of community members who attended the city council meeting to express their concerns with this proposed project.

Another positive outcome of the public comment offered about the TLC proposed charter school was a statement by Ms. Dana Kinkaid, Sr. Pastor, of First Christian Church of Orange, the landlord of school facility that TLC has entered into a lease agreement with to operate the proposed charter school at.  Ms. Kinkaid, indicated to the community in her public remarks to the city council that First Christian Church is committed to being a good neighbor and ensuring that TLC abides by the Conditional Use Permit requirements that currently exist for the site.  Respect Orange intends to meet with the church leaders to open and maintain a dialogue so going forward, we can continue to share the community’s concerns directly with the property owners of the proposed charter school.

We were happy to hear the charter was only approved by the OCBE on a conditional basis that includes, but is not limited to provisions that requires TLC make changes to its proposed charter school’s finances, and develop and submit to the OCDE a MOU to be drafted which fully outlines the partnership between TLC and Chapman University and how that will relate to the establishment and ongoing operations of the proposed Charter School.

Our hope is that the community can come together with a greater understanding of the very real impacts this type of school has for our community, property values, infrastructure, and quality of life.  Respect Orange believes further communication between the school, church, city and the community will continue to benefit Orange as this issue continues to develop.

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