50% of TLC’s Board of Directors Have Ties to Chapman University

Tomorrow’s Leadership Collaborative (TLC), the same entity that is operates out of a private residence in San Clemente, has released its list of Board of Directors.  50% (3 of 6) of the initial Board of Directors have direct ties to Chapman University.  Click here to see the names and resumes/information of the three directors with ties to Chapman University.  For higher education institution that claims “is not a partner in the proposed TLC charter school” there sure seems to be a lot of ambiguity.

Chapman University has made up a lot of positive ground in the community the past few years by supporting the party ordinance and committing to build additional dorms.  We would not want to see the good will built by CU destroyed over this matter.  Respect Orange encourages Chapman University to write an official letter directly to the Orange County Board of Education to set the record straight.  A letter, similar to this (CLICK HERE), would go a long way to reinforce Chapman’s commitment and, most importantly, RESPECT to the Orange community.


Click here to see TLC's Board of Directors with ties to Chapman University
Click here to see TLC’s Board of Directors with ties to Chapman University



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