TLC’s Charter Petition (Business Plan)

Respect Orange has obtained and had the opportunity to review Tomorrow’s Leadership Collaborative’s (TLC) charter school business plan, which is commonly called a petition.  There are images of the petition at the bottom of this post, to show the massive size of the petition.  To be clear, Respect Orange is not against charter schools, but rather against this specific charter school and situation.

While Chapman University has come out publicly to state (click here) “the university is not a partner in the proposed TLC charter school” and that the letter on official Chapman University letterhead written by the dean of Attallah College of Educational Studies “does not serve as an official institutional endorsement from Chapman University” , documents in the TLC petition state otherwise.  The two entities are contradicting themselves, which is very confusing to the community.

Click to read official CU statement


Click here to read the TLC Petition
Click here to read the TLC Petition


In fact, the TLC petitioner (applicant) had to affirm all of the information in the petition is true.  You can read the pages of the TLC petition that mention Chapman University as a partner, collaborator, and stakeholder (CLICK HERE).

The applicant’s affirmation and application contradicts the statement made by Chapman University.  If CU is not a partner, as is claimed, then the TLC petition is null and void because it is not truthful and relies too heavily on “partner”, “collaborator”, and “stakeholder” Chapman University.  If CU is a parter, collaborator, and stakeholder (as claimed in the TLC petition) then CU has been untruthful to the community.

Chapman University has made up a lot of positive ground in the community the past few years by supporting the party ordinance and committing to build additional dorms.  We would not want to see the good will built by CU destroyed over this matter.  Respect Orange encourages Chapman University to write an official letter directly to the Orange County Board of Education to set the record straight.  A letter, similar to this (CLICK HERE), would go a long way to reinforce Chapman’s commitment and, most importantly, RESPECT to the Orange community.





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