Let’s Help “Tim the Turkey”


An Orange Resident was woken up at 5:30am by Tim the Turkey who was in the backyard of a neighbor at an undisclosed residence.  Below is the photo the resident took.





Respect Orange Community,


I recently learned that Orange High School has a farm that includes steers, sheep, chicken, pigs, and a complete petting zoo that travels the city, is used for educational purposes, and helps the Future Farmers of America (FFA).  On Saturday night “Tim the Turkey”, who has been a long time resident at the farm, went missing.  He has since been found with dried beer on him, his feet damaged, and his tail plump pulled out.  Additionally, Tim had a black tar-like substance on him and was missing several chest feathers.  The full OC Register article can be found here. 

I have been in communication with Ms. Patti Williams multiple times today, who is the agriculture teacher in charge of the animals.  Ms. Williams has assured me that generally speaking Tim is okay and VERY well cared for.  Usually his life is GREAT! He and his pal Jake, as all the animals at the farm, are well cared for, fed the best feed possible and loved by the high school students and thousands of fans across the county.  She has a local veterinarian coming by today to examine Tim.

While Respect Orange will focus its energies on helping Tim the Turkey until OPD can do their diligence, I would like feedback and suggestions from you on how we can help “Tim the Turkey”, Ms. Williams, and Orange High School.

What suggestions do you have that can show them they have the support of Respect Orange?

Send your suggestions to: volunteer@RespectOrange.org


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