Valet Parking Details in OTO

There has been a lot of discussion on how to address the short-term and long-term parking issues in and around Old Towne Orange (Read previous Parking Blog here).  While long-term parking solutions will take significant time, resources, and energy, our city has decided to experiment with a pilot valet parking service while long term options are put into place.  The intention of the pilot program is to determine if a valet service will help ease parking frustrations and bring more people to the OTO section of our city.  The program will be closely monitored and tweaked, as necessary, to the demand of the service.  The pilot program is expected to last a few months and be reassessed to determine its viability as a realistic short-term parking solution.

Important Details:

Start: The pilot program should start before the month’s end.

Location: 230 East Chapman Avenue (in front of the Economic Development/Community Services building).  The city has been finishing improvements to two Municipal Parkings lots located at Grand and Almond that the valet will be using to park and stack vehicles.

Cost:$6 per vehicle.

Hours of Operation: 11am-2:30pm and 5:30pm-11pm 7 days/week.

How it Works: The valet service will be primarily based around your smart phone.  This means communication, including vehicle retrieval and payment, can be done through your smart phone.  It can be a cashless system.  Don’t worry though, for those that do not feel comfortable with a phone-based service, a traditional valet card is available.  More on this below.

Valet Service Location

Valet Drop Off

Valet Drop Off Screen Shot.  Simply click the link before you arrive at the valet to pay with your credit card.  Your car will be waiting for you when you reach the valet area.

Valet Closing Screen Shot

Valet Text Message communicating the valet service will be closing and keys will need to be retrieved.

orgot Keys Text Message

Valet text message communicating they keys were not left with the valet service and to return to give the valet the key.


Valet Card

Valet Card given if a smart phone is not an option

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